Top 12 Blockchain and Crypto Projects in the Metaverse | Metaverse Projects on Binance

Metaverse projects on binance. Metaverse’s mainnet was launched one year ago and we’ve seen many ETP holders come to our community throughout this year. It is always exciting to see the Metaverse ecosystem grow, which means more nodes and more unique projects built on top of ETP. Binance currently lists two tokens that are built on Metaverse: ZenGold (ZGC) and CyberVein (CVT).

Binance is a blockchain ecosystem comprised of Exchange, Labs, Launchpad, Info, Academy, Trust Wallet and Blockchain Charity Foundation. They got off to a fast start in 2018 as they were the first exchange ever to pass $1 billion in quarterly profits .

Today I would like to introduce some other projects powered Metaverse technology that have recently launched or are about to launch on Binance.

1. ZenGold (ZGC)

The concept of digital gold has been around for a while, but the problem is that virtual assets have no physical attributes and hence cannot properly represent actual gold bars. The CyberVein Foundation created the “Proof of Contribution” consensus mechanism to solve this issue by allowing nodes operating on CyberVeins mainnet to help secure the network in proportion to their deposit size, thus creating an incentive structure similar to real-life mining industries. Each node can earn rewards by validating transactions and securing the blockchain using its deposit balance analogous to Bitcoin’s Proof of Work algorithm . The more ZNG and CVT tokens you own, the greater your rewards will be.

On September 20th, CyberVein announced that ZGC was to be listed on Binance . The listing marked the first time in history that a decentralized ledger protocol would directly take its place beside traditional financial assets on an exchange. As of today, ZGC is available for trading with three trading pairs: BTC, ETH and BNB.

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CyberVein’s vision is to build a public blockchain for data-centric DAPPs. This means apps that are not focused on transferring tokens or other forms of state but rather on computing power to run business logic or machine learning algorithms. DAPPs built on top of CyberVeins mainnet will have less dependence on hashing power which could help it to become more efficient than Ethereum’s DAPPs . It is still too early to tell, but I suspect that CyberVein could be a major contender in the future of blockchain technology.


The first crypto exchange for trading crypto-crypto pairs built on Metaverse was launched by xbtce earlier this year. On September 21st, Binance Global announced that it would list XERA against three trading pairs: BTC, ETH and BNB.

This paves the way for new projects powered by ETP to more easily launch on Binance Markets as they no longer need to list on two platforms.

On top of Metaverse, XERA is building an exchange with the unique intention to integrate crypto-fiat trading on its platform . It will allow users to buy cryptocurrencies with fiat currencies directly from the xeta client. They are also planning to build their own wallet/dex that will enable you to store your private key encrypted in your browser so it can’t be accessed by anyone but you . The idea of being able to trade tokens directly for fiat currency sounds very appealing as most countries around the world have had difficulties supporting ICOs or altcoins due to differing policies of regulating blockchain technology. I would keep a close eye on this project as they are off to a great start and already have several thousand users.

3. CarBlock (CAR)

CarBlock is a decentralized application built on CyberVein for the automotive industry. It’s intended to solve the problem of unfair vehicle data collection by creating an automotive data marketplace that incentivizes users for sharing their vehicle data . On September 26th, Binance announced that they would be listing CAR against 3 trading pairs: BTC, ETH and BNB.

This will allow car owners to upload information about their car including mileage, insurance, maintenance history, accidents along with other details which could be used to help improve AI algorithms for self-driving cars or eventually serve as proof of ownership when storing your personal information in the blockchain .

4. (DXT)

An up and coming decentralized exchange for ETP built on top of CyberVein. is one of the very first decentralized exchanges to support atomic swaps . They will use the term “atomic” here in the sense that transactions can be simultaneously recorded on both chains so there is no risk of losing funds without getting what you paid for unlike other implementations where one transaction executes before another making it vulnerable to exploits by scammers. offers prediction markets , margin trading, liquidity sharing along with many other options usually seen only on traditional centralized exchanges . One unique feature that makes Dex.Top even more appealing is that they are currently trading at just $0.164 / ETP , lower than its ICO price back in May which was considered to be quite low at the time.

5. OAX (OAX)

An open-source decentralized exchange built on ETP written in Elixir . It was created by a group of blockchain experts including Enuma, an Ethereum development company and Patrick Long, COO of reMarkit, a leading financial data provider which was sold for $1.4 billion back in 2015 . In July 2018, OAX announced that they would create a new standard called SPiCE as an option to ICOs looking to issue security tokens through their platform.

SPiCE is meant to serve as a way to define ownership within tokenized securities using traditional contract law with all transactions recorded on the blockchain. This will help companies to more easily conduct private and public security token offerings as the process for such is usually very cumbersome and time-consuming .

This project shows a lot of promise as they already have several major partnerships under their belt including Binance Singapore, Singapore government backed VC firm Vertex Ventures and other well-known industry names.

6. CoinPark (CP)

CoinPark launched back in 2017 and is a decentralized exchange built on top of CyberVein . It’s the first Chinese blockchain project to be listed on Binance Markets after gaining support from an association established by the Chinese government to promote blockchain technology within the country called ZhongGuanCun Blockchain Industry Alliance where CP was founded . They are currently developing a new consensus algorithm that will solve many issues that currently plague decentralized exchange such as low liquidity and poor throughput.

7. GameChain (GCC)

GameChain is a decentralized gaming distribution platform built on CyberVein . It will be an open marketplace for gamers to purchase in-game assets and services while earning rewards for playing games and sharing their gaming experience online through video streaming and blogging . They also recently announced that they would become the first blockchain project in China to conduct an STO, which helps companies raise funds by issuing security tokens within compliance guidelines set by local government . GGC can usually be found listed with BTC pairings that are higher than its current price of just $0.0225 / GCC that makes it quite attractive at the moment even though it has dropped over 70% compared to its all-time highs.

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8. DxChain (DX)

DxChain is a decentralized big data and machine learning network built on top of CyberVein . They recently partnered with ABCC Exchange where they will provide smart models that can be used to predict market trends for their users . Their model runs on the DX private blockchain which processes much faster than existing public blockchains thanks to its sharding technology that helps divide nodes into smaller shards capable of running in parallel, increasing transaction throughput by many orders of magnitude . This makes it ideal for decentralized exchanges as well as any project looking to carry out quick computations like AI or financial modeling.

9. Eternal Trusts (ET)

Eternal Trusts is an extremely ambitious project that aims to create a platform for decentralized smart legal contracts that can solve issues with inheritance by avoiding lengthy, expensive and complicated court proceedings. It will be built on ETP and CyberVein as well as modern day Artificial Intelligence algorithms such as Machine Learning and Neural Networks which they hope will help to create the most advanced legal trust fund system in existence .

They already have a working MVP released back in June where users can issue smart trusts, annuities and foundations entirely through the blockchain where the code is then compiled into highly-optimized machine language that runs directly on top of the DAG instead of requiring miners , allowing anyone with ET tokens to use their services even if they don’t pay transaction fees. Their team is also comprised of several major names such as Alexey Koloskov, a full stack developer with over 15 years of experience working for companies like Microsoft and Samsung .

10. Hi:Health (XHI)

XHI is a decentralized health care platform that aims to become the world’s largest healthcare database by creating accurate medical records with users consent and then secure them on CyberVein. They already have an MVP available which you can check out  here  and it has also been listed on Binance where you can purchase it with BTC or ETH pairing . Their team consists of industry veterans that have worked for major tech companies in Russia while their CTO Andrey Shilnikov was even awarded for his work in data science by Russia’s president Vladimir Putin .

11. HireMatch (HIRE)

HireMatch is a decentralized global job platform built on Ethereum and CyberVein. They recently had their token listed on Binance as well as Gatecoin after being voted as having one of the most needed use cases from the community . Their project also won first prize at HackPowered , an annual hackathon hosted by Microsoft for projects that aim to solve some major problems in today’s society . HIRE can be purchased on exchanges with either BTC or ETH pairings though its market cap has been fairly volatile lately due to drops in value across the entire cryptocurrency market.

12. ReMoneta (RMBC)

ReMoneta aims to create a new economy where their tokens are backed by real estate and business value. It will be a decentralized bank for the people that focuses on fast transaction speeds and aims to support SMEs instead of large corporations which they hope will boost real job growth . Their platform is based on ETP as well as CyberVein meaning it can also process smart contracts at high speeds while being fully decentralized, making it ideal for just about every kind of use case out there including exchanges as well as any project looking to launch an ICO. They have been working with several major companies from the financial sector since 2014 and have recently signed a Letter Of Intent with one of America’s largest banks along with two more that are worth over $100 billion combined .

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