Top 10 most expensive NFTs

With the rise in popularity of blockchain games, many unique and interesting in-game items have been created. The majority of these are collectibles or digital art; however, there are some specially rare pieces that people would do anything to get their hands on. These rarest items can sell for hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Let’s take a look at the top 10 most expensive NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

1. Cryptokitties – “Gingerbread Man” – $100,000 USD

The original big-ticket item was sold by AxiomZen studios in December 2017 when they released their game “CryptoKitties” which allows users to breed and trade digital cats on the Ethereum blockchain. One of these cats, known as “Gingerbread Man”, was originally sold for approximately $60,000 USD but just 6 days later had increased in value to over $100,000 USD.

2. CryptoCuddles – “Dragon” – up to 10ETH

CryptoCuddles is a digital pet game that allows users to breed and trade unique dragons. The most expensive item in this game is known as “Saphire” or “Dragon” which at one point sold for up to 10 ETH (approximately 13,000 USD) in an auction style sale format.

3. Kleros – “Supremacy” – Ƀ 0.13116

Kleros is an Ethereum-based startup that allows users to collaborate with one another by submitting disputes and having them voted on by other users. This process has been termed “Fully Automated Justice Through Blockchain Technology”. Their rarest item is the NFT “Supremacy” which was created as a limited supply of 10,000 pieces for this initial phase of their project.

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4. CryptoCelebrities – “Michelle Obama” – $61,200 USD

CryptoCelebrities is a blockchain game and website where users purchase contracts associated with famous people and characters who can be traded or sold to other players in an open market environment. The most expensive contract ever sold was Michelle Obama which sold for approximately $61,200 USD back in January 2018.

5. Cryptopunks – “Lord Sloth” – up to 25 ETH

CryptoPunks is an 8-bit game that allows users to purchase punks with different attributes and place them onto their personal platform. The rarest of these punks is known as “Lord Sloth” who has only 9 other peers which makes him extremely unique and valuable. This punk sold for up to 25 ETH (approximately 2,700 USD) on the OpenSea platform at the end of March 2018 .

6. CryptoCelebrities – “Lennon Duffy”

The most expensive item on CryptoCelebrities’ website today is “Lennon Duffy” which was sold for approximately $26,000 USD back in March 2018.

7. Etheremon – “Zang Tao”

Etheremon is a popular decentralized game that allows users to collect and train unique monsters (known as Etheremons) on the Ethereum blockchain. The most expensive monster available for purchase today is “Zang Tao” who is currently priced at around 1 ETH (approximately 880 USD).

8. CryptoKitties – “HoarderCat”

The only non-fungible token on this list created by AxiomZen Studios, CryptoKitties’ rarest NFT is known as “Hoarder Cat” and was originally sold for $41,000 USD back in December 2017.

9. CryptoPunks – “Shady”

The rarest NFT available on the CryptoPunks website is “Shady” who was sold for $24,500 USD back in February 2018.

10. Rare Pepe Party – “Chain”

The most expensive item for purchase on the Rare Pepe blockchain game is known as “Chain” which was originally priced at 33 ETH (approximately 23,300 USD) when it first launched back in January 2018. 

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